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About Us

The Highland County Chamber of Commerce is a membership driven business organization that represents the business community of Highland County. The many plans and programs the Chamber offers its investors, combined with county workforce development initiatives, and local, state, and federal legislative/advocacy efforts positions the Chamber of Commerce as a lead organization in Highland County.

If you are a current investor in the Chamber, thank you for your support. If you are considering membership, please use this website to acquaint yourself with the many benefits you will receive as an investor in the Highland County Chamber of Commerce.


The Highland County Chamber of Commerce is an active advocate and resource for our business community, providing economic and community development.


Why become a member of the Highland County Chamber of Commerce?

Your investment in the Chamber as a member gives you more than just a local network. You become part of a rich community resource invested in serious business growth. With your membership, you will enjoy these benefits designed to support your business and the economic strength of Highland County.

Learn more about our Member Benefits